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    Check engine light XJS - how to get codes?

    Hi all,

    On the way to work this morning there was a crash and we all slowed down to get by, but pulling away again the Check Engine light came on. It had briefly come on again last night after charging my battery, but as I wasnt driving at the time, I didnt take much notice of it.

    The XJS has been sat 3 weeks whilst I did a "tummy tuck(!)" on him, and so I wondered if it may just be because he has sat for a while? Although it isnt like its sat for a loooong period of time. Another thing is I removed the air box to get sizes of the air filter, and when I popped it in last night, I ensured it was secured to the MAF and intake but I didnt physically tighten the jubliee clips, although it is very tight on there, so I wondered if it may be an air problem, although I cant see how too much air can be getting in,as I said, there are no gaps even tho the jub. clips arent tight ...?

    Finally I did whilst performing the tummy tuck knock the ECU, and wondered if this may be a problem?

    So thats the 3 problems, maybe someone else has had a similar problem? If not, does anyone know how to check for the fault codes on a 1991 XJS? Thank you!!

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    Re: Check engine light XJS - how to get codes?

    its ok found out!


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