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    Aug 2012

    2004 X type 2.0 diesel. Which oil viscosity to use?

    My handbook says 5w, but on a 70k miles engine i would prefer to use 10w/40 semi synth, eg Castrol GTX etc. What do you other Diesel drivers use ?

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    Senior Member Timjag's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    I use the Castrol Edge, its expensive but the oil is considered very good 20000 kilometers between oil changes
    it has to be.

    I cant remember of hand but have a look at the Castrol website and ONLY use ford recommended oil for this engine
    as the engine dosen't like any other.

    I have a 2.2 on an 07 prefacelift which takes 6 litres I dont know the amount for the 2 litre
    X Type 2.2 Executive

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    May 2010
    5w-30 that conforms to Fords spec WSS-M2C913-B (or higher, like C)
    Handbook states the use of mineral oil, but it's been checked and both part and fully synthetic are ok to use.

    It takes around 6 litres, though it's listed as 6.7, but I've yet to get over 6 in there even with a oil filter change.

    There's a good deal on Castrol Magentec at Eurocarparts, enter "oilspill30" for 30% off.

    This may also help

    I wouldn't want to damage anything on the off chance a different viscosity is better, thicker oil may not lube the turbo up properly along with everything else!

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    Senior Member fulman's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    East Berkshire
    I would stick with the 5/30 ford spec, i use halfords own fully synth 5/30 to ford spec.
    I did try 10/40 in my mazda 6 which required ford spec but in the winter it's too thick and caused a lot of diesel rattle.
    Mine has 73k on the clock and works just fine with 5/30
    X Type 2006 2.0 Diesel S but V5 say's classic. Adamesh grill. Shadow grey.

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    70k is nothing, mines got nearly double that and will only use Castrol (Magnatec) 5w30 same as recomended in both our handbooks and on the Castrol website when reg no is entered. Jaguar recommend Castrol in the handbook and the Magnatec is good for 15k MILES on the XJ diesel or 12.5k miles on diesel X Types for those doing that sort of mileage between annual services.

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    Methanol injection..being finished as you read this.
    kitchen sink...
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    Aug 2012
    I changed my oil and filter today. I used Castrol GTX magnatec 5w 30 and a genuine oil filter kit. What an easy diesel engine to work on. Under shield came off easy and hey presto sump plug and filter were very easy to access. I bought 8 litres ( 2 cans ) and it took approx 6.5.

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    Aug 2012
    i have used magnetic 5/30 in the past but now use mobil fe{fuel efficiency}3000 .its also 5/30 and to ford spec,engine feels smoother and better mpg.cheers. ps mines done 181000mls!

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    Senior Member dmcsweeney's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Cork, Irl
    I buy 20 litres of genuine Ford 5W30 from my local dealer. They usually have very good trade offers on it. I've been told to stick strictly to full synthetic.
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