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Thread: From E-Class to XE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilliblu View Post
    Right Decision made. After a trip to my local dealer i am going for an XE R-sport 250 petrol in red with sunroof, ICT pro with digital dash, black wheels and heated steering wheel/screen pack. Only decision left now is if I should wait for the new reg in March. I am not bothered about getting a discount on ordering at end of reg period as I get staff discount from a relative so this would not make any difference. At the moment I think I will wait until March. The dealer said he can get me one delivered by start of Jan but for two months i think I should await the new reg. Anything else I should spec? I know suggestion of rear camera but i think sensors are usually good enough for me. I will possible add a spare wheel. Do the rear seats fold down? I forgot to ask this or is this an extra?
    Great news!

    If you've been doing your research since July to this weekends trigger pulling, well done and a wait till March reg change ain't much longer to wait.

    Me, I'd be taking the one in January as registration changes have never been a factor for me, I stick my own on anyway.

    The heated steering wheel is a move most might think a needless choice, myself included until I actually had one, now I'd feel lost without it.


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    Thanks Rich
    I added the heated steering wheel after driving a vauxhall rental that had one. Great idea for the coming winter months.
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    Check whether your seats are split folding. If not, add them. They come in very handy.
    For me, a spare tyre is an absolute must have.
    The rear view camera is good. If it isn't too much, add it. But the above two extras should be higher priority as long as you have rear sensors.
    Does the car have front sensors? I'm surprised how handy they have been as well.
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    Thanks JugleJames forgot to say I have ordered the spare wheel. I also think they are a must have.

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    Great choice of car, same engine and model as mine. The rear camera is a must IMO as the rear window slopes so acutely it’s hard to actually gauge the distance properly. You get this odd top half of car view of the car behind in rear view mirror if they are following closely. The climate pack is a good one to have as you mentioned, put it on auto and on those winter mornings have the incontrol app do the work for you!

    I didn’t bother with the space saver or split folding seats (£420 option on XE). I have the performance pack brakes on mine which are straight off the S model. You can definitely tell the difference with them and look great with the 18” wheels just about fitting past the calliper. For £91 the sports pedals make a good option too.
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