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I am going to be replacing the wishbone tie (and maybe pendulum) bushes through which the long bolt is fixed.

I've just been under the car and I appear to have no washers at all at the bolt head end - that is, the bolt head f1ange presses directly against the protrusion on the bush. I have looked on the parts diagrams and various pictures and even have the workshop manual but nothing indicates exactly which way round the various washers go.

I think I have worked out that the wishbone tie bush has a two-piece metal/nylon washer either side, and that the bolt head faces the metal of the washer. Therefore, the nylon side of that faces the bush. Moving along the bolt, at the other side of the bush is another metal/nylon washer but I can't see which way round it goes, though based on the previous one I suppose that would also have the nylon facing the bush and the metal side facing the wishbone.
Next, at the pendulum end of things, the diagram appears to specifiy a differnet type of washer (all-metal?) between the wishbone and pendulum bush. Is that correct? Why would that end not have the same metal/nylon washer as the other end? Anyway I suppose 'why' is irrelevant, rather the question is whether that all metal washer is indeed correct. Then the other side of that bush is the bolt thread over which a small thick washer and finally the nut is tightened.

Is what I have said correct? Does anyone have a picture clearly showing these things along the length of the bolt?

Having quickly checked mine I can see the two metal/nylon washers I think I need (but in wrong places) but not the metal washer between the wishbone and pendulum.

Also can someone confirm the final tightening of this bolt should be done with the car properly on the ground so the bush doesn't tear?

Had mine done at my local indy just last week

I can confirm that for the final tightening sequence, the car was on the ramp so they jacked the hub up to where it would be as if on the road, before fully tightening