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Good morning folks. Looking for some advice re the above message which came up yesterday in the middle of a 30 mile trip in my 59 reg 3 ltr D ( 28k miles). I ignored the message till I got home and then tried the "hand" brake and found it worked fine. Then switched off the ignition and restarted-no message. Same this morning-no message and brake works as it should. I've found a thread from 2014 talking about a problem caused by wiring becoming exposed after chafing of the cable on the "differential carrier" but that caused the park brake not to work at all-not wht I've got.

Any body got any ideas before I get it checked out? The battery is a recent replacement and no other signs of a battery fault so don't think a duff battery is the cause.


Hi Keith,
had an intermittent problem with mine on my XJ

It turns out it seemed to happen during car washes and when damp / raining.
As you so rightly say, the cabling around the rear diff area was chafing and the moisture caused short circuits or something I believe, never happened when it was dry........that was around 2 and a half years ago.

Whilst I was in at my local Indy for some other work he checked and found the chafing, he simply used electrical tape or similar and re sealed the chafed area and I've had no problems since......a quick and cheap n cheerful solution
Might be worth checking out if / when you can?