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Thread: Engine Management light on..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducmon View Post
    Also if we are nice to him he will convert from the x type to a S type.
    You never know...
    Well, actually, the one thing I do know is that I plan on my next upgrade being another Jaguar
    new to the Jaguar family !

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    I think both are great cars, super lookers.

    Originally I couldn't decide between the two.

    When I saw the S for the first time I was very drawn to it for its retro styling and original S looks that I loved in the 60s and 70s.

    The S is bigger, that was one deciding factor, I'm a big boned (and wide bummed) 6 footer.

    The main factor is Catwoman belonged to a close friend and as soon as I saw her I took our friend to one side and asked first refusal when time came to sell.

    Oddly I felt like an Arab Sheikh drooling over some sexy lady!

    Eventually the time did come!

    Just before my 60th. Not good timing financially but... It was my major birthday!

    I managed to clear the credit card 2 years later.


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