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Thread: Engine Management light on..

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    Unhappy Engine Management light on..

    hi all
    I was just wondering if anyone out there had experienced the following?

    a week ago my engine management light came on. I fitted my code reader and p 1000 fault showed up. I cleared the fault and the light went off, I went for a run in the car, and after three miles the light came back on. I, put the code reader back on and p 1000 showed up again, once again i cleared the code and the light went off, i run for a few miles and again the light came back on. this as gone on all week.
    during all this there has been no lack of performance at all, it's been running absolutely fine

    anyone out there got any ideas

    best regards glynbob

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    Hi what type is your car.
    What are you reading the codes with?
    Did you do anything with the battery before it first happened.
    Because it can mean

    Possible causes The vehicle is new from the factory. Battery or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) had recently been disconnected. An OBD monitor failure occurred before completion of an OBD drive cycle. PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) have recently been cleared with a scan tool.

    Read more:

    If so then do the procedure after the replacing the battery and th
    It should be clear

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    Some worries:
    1. P1000 will never put the MIL on (it's a status code meaning the OBD monitors have not set)
    2. You should originally have had (pending) P1111 (monitors set) so you need to figure why you did not (hint: it's not the computer to blame)
    3. if the MIL is on you have at least one (non-status) code so your tool is failing to tell you it/them

    Stop clearing the codes!! You'll get nowhere and may be causing damage because you do not know what is wrong.

    By way of common example: you can be destroying the cats. Expensive...

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    Try a different code reader, or get a session booked in with a garage that can interrogate it better.
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