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Thread: Catalytic convertors

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    Catalytic convertors

    I have just had my Xj Diesel 2007 serviced by a main dealer in Glasgow.
    They have reported that the CC are starting to leak.
    Can anyone tell me if this is serious and whether the car can continue for years to come in this condition as it seems to be very expensive to repair.
    The car has covered 94k miles.

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    Sounds like they are trying it on. What do they mean by 'Leaking'. If it was bad it would be found at MOT.

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    Leaking from the joints, or leaking from the actual cats?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Thread moved to the correct section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean O' View Post
    Leaking from the joints, or leaking from the actual cats?
    Yeh ... ask them if it's leaking from the flexible section in the pipe. Those are available as replacements; you cut the pipe and the new flexible section clamps on on the remaining stub. There are non-flexible replacements available as well; opinions very on which are better. Either way they are FAR cheaper than replacing the whole cat unit.
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    I could hear a miniscule blow on mine just after buying it , found a pin hole it a CC when doing the gearbox oil.

    The pin hole can stay there , nobody else can hear it only me. Common sense prevailed , not to try and weld it in case it got any bigger
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