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Thread: My custom XJ journey

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    My custom XJ journey

    So welcome to my little story book here. Glad you could stop by and have a read. Please leave a comment or a like or something, that would be cool.

    Since i cant be bothered to read through my own thread on the jaguar forums I'm literally copy and pasting it here so hopefully it makes sense.


    When i bought the car

    first project was cleaning the car, old roof rack i had laying around and fixing the oil pan

    After that winter came and only minor touches were done here and there

    did a big service on the car
    6 E3 spark plugs
    - 2 jugs of Quaker State 10w30
    - A huge jug of ATF
    - Black permatex
    - blue loctite
    - Oil flush
    - Oil filter
    - 2 big jugs of coolant
    - 2 square meters of oil pan gasket material

    Drove the car for another 3 months after that, then this happened in about 2 weeks time:
    Fuel tank rupture
    Fuel pump failure
    Fuse block failure
    Brake lines rotted
    Wheel bearings rotted
    Rear suspension collapsed
    Exhaust manifold cracked
    Rear left rotor warped
    Heater core failure
    Ac compressor dead
    Water pump gasket failure
    Transmission gasket failure
    Sump cracked two spots
    Most vacuum lines dry rotted

    Thats when the big build started

    Sourced a new engine for 300$

    Engine parts were delivered

    Engine assembly began then

    heads at machine shop

    and how the blocks sitting as of now

    pics of the process

    a quick pic of how most of the engine will look, needs paint though

    and how its sitting right now

    Heres a size comparison of 4.2L Inline 6 and a 5.7L V8

    Tear down

    More parts


    Work on the subframe

    Made in China - that piece that broke got me just above the eye... From now on name brand expensive tools

    Kept working on the control arms and hubs

    Subframe reassembly

    After what feels like forever working on the car till 4 am every night it's ready for body and paint

    Part 2 coming soon

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    Great post, thanks for sharing... cant wait to see how it goes !
    Rory - Jaguar Forum Administrator - Help Support the Forum

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    Agreed! Please keep in touch.
    2000 Jaguar X308 4.0
    1973 Jensen Interceptor Mk III 7.2
    1969 Jensen Interceptor Mk I 6.3

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    Wow! Great job this is an extensive restoration. Only I'm sad to see the original 4.2 Jag engine go away. I have bought a transmission adapter kit from John's cars in USA that allows installing a 4speed O/D TH700R4 transmission behind the original engine. (Wanted to keep my 1986 original to bring it back into show concourse condition).
    Here in your project I can imagine a very reliable daily driver in superb condition.
    Good luck with your fantastic job and please keep posting pictures

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