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Thread: £800 x350

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    Wow, doesn't look too shabby at all Red, good for you!

    Obviously gotta start with the engine, but assuming you get that sorted you're on your way. A couple of new boot struts perhaps, a cleaning sesh, a few other little bits n pieces and Robert is your uncle

    Hope to hear more....
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    Well not much done with the X350 this week mostly on account of the scorching heat , I have at least cleared up the diagnosis
    and it is a Head Gasket Issue , this week I shall look to make some progress with sourcing the necessary Gasket Set , one company
    I spoke to told me that they only carry the Gasket for one side of the engine as this is the one which is always at fault , I shall speak
    with my local Indy EE this week and weigh up my options

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    Can you actually tell for definite which side has gone, e.g. low compression on one pot, water/rust on spark plug, etc? When the head gasket went on my X308 4 litre the car was running perfectly, no misfires, no cream salad in the oil, but would empty the header tank of coolant in a couple of miles if you gave it anything more than 2000 rpm. The garage could not be sure which side was at fault before hand and recommended that they changed both sides, because at the 95K miles on mine they would both be in similar condition due to corrosion.
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