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Thread: Series 3 - no power to starting relais

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    Series 3 - no power to starting relais

    Dear all,

    After reading most of the threats on starting problems and power malfunction I did not find the awnser I was looking for and, as a desperate move, I am calling upon the expertise of you guys!

    I've got a Series III, 1983, which I have owned now for five years. I've repainted and mostly rebuild the car now and can't figure out the electrical problem at hand:

    When battery is connected and ignition is turned 'on' - the fuel pump does not run. This is where my journey started.
    The main relais, cold start and the fuel pump relais all are in proper working condition but just don't seem to get the signal the need to work properly. The inertia switch is working correctly and all (visible) dashboard and engine bay fuses are correct. Ground cable's are connected correctly, not all of them are cleaned and re-positioned but they have not been removed since the last time the car was in running condition.

    When all relais are in place, battery connected, ingnition 'on', the relais don't click. When I manually activate the flap in the AFM nothing happens as well. There is power running thru the 'input' cables (brown in starter relais, white in cold start relais, Red in main relais). But they don't seem to be getting the 'activate' signal.

    In the starter relais (the bigger metal block), which I believe is the primairy part in this flow of movement, I have 2 yellow/white wires of which one directs to the main relais and one disappears in a string of cables. I believe this leads to the ignition switch but this specific cable does not respond to any of the option the ignition switch provides. Am I missing a crucial point in my diagnosis, is the yellow/white cable not the one i need to follow in this search?

    Please help as I do not know how to move forward from this point!

    Many thanks,

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    hi Mart
    Please explain more what is happening in order to understand better the situation.
    - When you turn the key to position II do you see the warning lights turned ON (oil, batt. seat belt, etc.)? At this position the "Load relay" in the left fuse compartment (if your car LHD, then this relay under your steering wheel) should click.
    - When you turn the key to position III then the starter relay in the engine bay must click and the started motor will turn, at the same moment the fuel pump relay will be activated. The automatic transmission has a switch that prevent starter relay to be activated if gear selector not in (p) or (N) position, this switch will cut (-) from the relay, while the ignition key sends (+) to the relay.
    I attached a snapshot of the diagram.

    2- I hope you have the complete diagram, or I will email it to you, because without a diagram it is almost impossible to work on these cars even for an electric expert.
    3- The digital voltmeter sometimes they show a wrong 12Volt passing by a relay coil, so better use an indicator with a 12V bulb to double check.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XJ6 S3 - Starter.jpg 
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    Please keep posting the results, so other members can benefit from your experience.
    good luck

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