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Thread: Buying another XJS after several years - which one?

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    Buying another XJS after several years - which one?

    And my god prices have risen! Bought my first 88 V12 coupe (vgc) for £2k in 2008, then a 90 V12 convertible for £4.5k in 2011. That last car cost me over £12k in repairs and put me off the cars for a while. I'm currently selling my Porsche 944 for £23k ( and I'm going to buy another XJS when it's gone - I've never enjoyed any car as much. Budget up to £28k for the right car, or thinking of giving KWE a call...

    I'm struggling at the moment to decide which direction to head in. Cars that are a no-no are pre HE (too inefficient), the cabriolet (I prefer the convertible), 4.0 AJ6 (I'd want an AJ16) and the big bumper models (styling not for me).

    A few points I'd appreciate some opinions on:

    - Ideally I'd like an AJ16 model (best power/weight/economy combo), but I don't like the big bumpers. I'm struggling to find exact details of the model runs, but were there any gaps between the AJ16 being added and the big bumpers? For the cost of replacing the engine/bumpers of another car is too much, I may as well go for a V12.
    - The facelift convertibles had better bracing to reduce scuttle shake. Can you retrofit this to pre facelift models? Did it make much difference?
    - The 6.0 came with the 4 speed. Does this really help with fuel economy noticeably? Was the 4 speed available with the 5.3? A pre big bumper V12 convertible might be an option for me, but as ever the cost of long journeys in the V12 does tend to affect enjoyment.
    - My last convertible leaked. While you can garage it, it's not much fun when you're caught in a rainstorm. Do the currently available seals actually seal them? Is there a reliable way of making them waterproof?

    I'd be very happy to lay out £25k for the right car, so happy to hear opinions of what I should get. Preference would be for a convertible, but I could be drawn back to a very special coupe.
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    KWE will source and modify a car to your specific requirements - but I doubt you will get it done for your budget - they are very expensive.

    Everything in life is a compromise and if you can bring yourself to accept the bumpers, a 1995/1996 4.0l AJ16 celebration convertible is the one to have - but a decent low mileage example will be at the very top of your budget.

    Good luck.


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    Have you checked out Clarkes Jaguar? That’s where i bought mine from and they were very helpful and gave me what I think was the best for my budget. Yes, the price may be at the top end, but I like to think at least you know what you are getting. Very good post sale service too. They have a lot of LHD models.
    1994 XJS Convertible 4litre Celebration

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    I think there were possibly one or two on here so at least you have an idea of what they go for at Auction

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