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Thread: Moving from XF for F-Pace...

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    I guess it's all about having a thorough test drive or deciding if you can live with it (for a hefty discount).

    To round of my story, I'm not getting an F pace. I found a gorgeous XJR, just over a year old, with only 7.5k miles on the clock. I pick her up next week. Sure, it won't get up many muddy hills but the kids can look at videos of the countryside on youtube.
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    Nice car the XJR, congratulations. Pictures of course are a must!
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    I changed from XJ Portfolio , pre ordered F Pace and now had the car for 18 months
    3-0 diesel which returns nearly 40 mpg urban and nearly 50 on long runs
    I have had an XF with this unit as well as the XJ, I find it is fast enough and quiet.
    Incontrol pro is a must, I have never used the parking aid but the 360 cameras are good if parking in tight spots.
    Rear view mirror blind spot is useful, I would not waste money on the head up display though
    If you are carrying 4 adults and luggage you will have to remove the parcel shelf but can then get 4 full size & 4 smaller cases if the smaller of the rear seat backs is folded
    The only problems I have had is the Traffic speed sigh recognition is totally unreliable (see earlier post under my name)
    Apart from that I am pleased with the car, it looks good, goes and handles well and has good traction in snowy conditions

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