Hi All

My beloved XF SV8 is getting on a bit, although has only recently passed 50k miles. While there's plenty life in her yet, things have moved on since she rolled off the production line in 2008, especially from an in-car technology perspective.

I've got a birthday coming up in the spring and have been considering treating myself to a new car. I love the look of the F-Pace and the S version is a front runner. There are some nice examples coming up for ex-demo sale and as I'm not at all fussed about being the first bum on the seat, something a year old would do nicely in terms of price vs age. Me and the kids, 7 and 10 (and even the wife at times) love the outdoor stuff and while the XF had no problems at all cruising through the Lake District during half term, I'm thinking I might actually make use of the more "rural" model, plus I think it looks lovely.

Is the cabin is as roomy as the early XF?
With the parcel shelf in position, how does the boot compare, practically speaking?
Are you all happy with yours?
If anyone has the petrol S, what kind of MPG are you getting, out of interest? That's not a deal breaker as the SV8 goes from 11 in town to no more than 26 on a long cruise.

Also if there are any common teething problems with the new model that I need to make sure have been addressed, that would be good to know too.

Thanks in advance for any real-world nuggets of info, rather than relying on a salesperson for advice!