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Thread: Dreaming of a Jag, Driving a Hundai!

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    HI again,
    I've been looking at several vehicles online and there are some very appealing S types around and a lot of obvious 'don't go near vehicles'.
    I will only be using the car for shorter journeys and maybe two to three times a week so what engine is best?
    I realise that the 2,7 V6 diesel is best for economy but it's the particulant filter that concerns me with that.
    Would the 2.5 engine be better? Of the two petrol engines which is the better, 2.5 or 3.0?
    thanks in advance

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    Hi John;

    Enjoy your retirement and get a Jag, the S type is a lovely car to drive and very comfortable. 5K will get you a decent car, just make sure the car is OK, been serviced and well maintained. Good luck
    56 plate S type R

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    Short journeys, not used every day, if it was me I would go petrol. I'm biased, 3.0 is a great motor. Enjoy.
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