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Danny I was desperate to ask you about these Supra Prices ?
Hey Red , not sure where to start . Over the past 15 yrs I've owned 3 , x2 3.0l Twin Turbo Auto , and 1 , 6 spd manual . Most cars for sale on the Mk IV Supra Club are very well treated and need nothing being done to them , however , if you want a 6 spd manual , that's had money spent on the engine , interior / exterior , and running 500-800 bhp , you are looking at north of £25k - £30k , obviously all dependant on the quality of parts used in its build process . To give you a little more up to date deal . My last Supra I paid £7800 , spent circa £1200 on engine , sold 2yrs later £13,500 cash . Then if you were to decide to buy a completely unmolested Supra Twin Turbo with low miles £30 k - ? . And one final thought for you Red , THERE IS A Supra club member with a road legal Single Turbo Supra with 1300bhp and not only have I seen it but also the calibrated power read outs that confirm his claims , after all he is also a Supra professional engine builder . These cars are going through the roof price wise and although they are very hard to find in their native Japan , they can still be sourced but at a huge price .