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I'm happy to give you a hand to clean up your car on the Saturday I arrive if you like Jim? - I think we're currently looking like arriving 4/5pm (ish)

Failing that I can also give you a hand Sunday morning??

...or..... I've had an even better idea..... you could use your local garage 'up 'n' over wet rollers' car wash!!!
Errrr thanks Chris lol
I'll have her done to a passable standard I guess, just maybe not where I'd like her to be, but not the end of the world
Assuming you'll be coming M74 to Glasgow, then M73 and A80, you guys will be passing my front door ( well around 2 mins / 2 miles approx. off the motorway ) you're welcome to pop in and have a coffee pit stop if you like?
Failing that and assuming I find time from somewhere I may pop out and catch you guys later at some point.

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There is a software update to fix the blank screen on the incontrol touchscreen, may just need that to sort it for you.
Thanks Ian, that's my hope, but time will tell.
Either way these issues need checked and resolved.....ASAP lol
Very UnJaguarlike or should that be very Jaguarlike? lol