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Thread: Charging and range concerns

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    Quote Originally Posted by mclarenpaul View Post
    The local energy company came to do the check. Unfortunately, with the current installation I have, the maximum charge rate I could have is around 3.5kW. 3 phase is also standard here in Luxembourg. They've told me to request the electricity infrastructure provider to increase the amps from 40A to 50A which would then give me 7kw charging on a single phase by increasing one of the phases. I'm in the process of doing this, however, the electrician who advised me said it's not guaranteed this will be accepted.

    Fingers crossed.
    The electrician also mentioned the car home charging is based on the UK system, which I believe is really short sighted from Jaguar and may be indicative of a rush to market. Again, as mentioned by others above, this will probably be changed in the car, but those of us at the bleeding edge will be the one's to suffer
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