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Thread: Safety Recall HO81

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    Safety Recall HO81

    Letters have just been issued for Recall for Ingenium I4 2.0L Petrol Engines. (HO81) (F Type, XF, E-Pace, XE and F-Pace vehicles)

    It appears a possible safety related problem may occur on certain vehicles within a specific production range.

    Namely: Manufacturing concern with engine mounted fuel rails, some of which have not been manufactured correctly. Thereby there is a risk of Fuel vapour and Liquid leaks within the engine bay. Increase and excessive fuel odour may be noticed by vehicle occupants and if bonnet lifted liquid fuel may be seen.

    Should leaking fuel come into contact with a sufficiently hot surface there is an increased risk of fire.

    Booked mine in with Hardwoods of Chichester for 1st May. I have not experienced any of the problems mentioned.

    Job will take up to 2 hrs, I asked for a loan vehicle but was informed the cost would be £12 to cover their vehicle insurance. I queried this as you do not pay the charge when work done under warranty and as it recall the charge should be waived. However their get out is: as they offer free collection and delivery of the vehicle, if you turn this down and opt for a courtesy car the charge will be levied.

    Guess dealerships are going to be busy as they all just found out about this today (so I was informed)
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    I received my letter a week ago, was sent March 29th. It’s booked in to be sorted on 30th April at Chichester. I actually saw it on Topix end of March before I got the letter and got it in before all the expected rush. They did know about it when I called them and was told that they were waiting for the documentation to how long it would take.
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    I understand this is for cars made between 1/9/16 and 17/8/17.

    Does that fit in with those who’ve had the letters?

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