I recently bought back my late dad’s XK120 and whilst looking lovely and fully restored on the outside she’s had very little rust protection and paint under the wings.

My my plan is to strip each wheel arch back (there all very clean with little to no corrosion) and paint the undersides of all the body panels. When I’ve done this before I’ve prepped, painted, applied stone chip and then repainted again. This gives the most durable finish to the wheel arches which obviously take a pounding from stones and road debris.........

However, the car won’t be driven in the winter and will be unlucky to be driven in the wet (but let’s face it I live in the UK so some summer rain is inevitable)........ am I detracting from the cars bodywork by applying stone chip? The car is not concourse (but isn’t too far off) and I want to drive it but don’t want to do anything that would be regarded as ‘sacriligous’ in XK ‘circles’?