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Thread: ATF Fluid and Filter Change - Hot or Cold?

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    ATF Fluid and Filter Change - Hot or Cold?

    Next weekend (weather permitting) I intend to set about the business of changing the very brown - and slightly burnt smelling - ATF Fluid in my 1995 X300 4.0L Sovereign. Whilst in there, I will also fit a new filter.

    Having read a couple of procedures, I must confess I'm in two minds as to whether to do this with the fluid hot, or cold! The procedure, set out in the Jaguar World X300 Owners Book seems to suggest hot, however, the dipstick shows much more fluid in the sump when cold (Presumably, quite a bit drains out of the Torque Converter overnight).

    Logic says to me to do it cold - as it will yeild significantly more fluid than a 'hot' change; when a lot will be trapped in the Torque Converter. Logic also says that at ambient temperature, it will be a lot easier to get the same amount of fluid back in! The Jaguar Workshop Manual also seems to suggest that you change the fluid 'cold'.

    So, what's the consensus of opinion?



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    Re: ATF Fluid and Filter Change - Hot or Cold?

    hi cold is the way forward the torque converter holds alot of fluid and takes ages to drain back out. but you need to check the level with the engine running and hot as the cold mark is only a reference not an exact measurement. the official jaguar method of checking the level is from empty fill to cold reference line run engine to fill the torque converter and check level again and add fluid as required again to cold mark take the car for 30 min test drive ensureing that all gears are engaged atleast once then stop and leave the engine running check level is at max hot mark add fluid as required

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