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Thread: Mk2, Daimler 250, s type what is different?

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    Mk2, Daimler 250, s type what is different?

    Hi, I am new to this site, I owned a 3.8 mk2 about 35 years ago, I am looking at a stripped Daimler shell and was wondering what parts from either an s type or MK2 would fit, it is missing engine/box, a lot of interior/dash and most of the brakes, I know the s type is IRS but am realy asking about parts from the front 1/2 of the car, I would want to build it up as a Jag, possibly with a 4.2 engine from a series2 XJ6, are they a straight swop, are the Dailmer and Jag shells the same? is the woodwork the same??????

    Regards, Pat

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    Re: Mk2, Daimler 250, s type what is different?

    Your question is fairly short, but the answer (or answers !!) will be a lot longer, but I will try to answer a few points.

    The Mark 2 and Daimler V8 body shells are virtually the same, except in one key place, the bell housing pressings, (or "hump") for the Daimler is much smaller because the V8 engine is shorter so the gearbox sits further forward. So if you want to convert a Daimler shell to take the Jaguar engine, you have some major surgery to do. You need to find a rusted out Mark 2 shell to cut out the pressings so you can weld them into your Daimler shell, or have them made up, and after all the years since the Mark 2 left production, this is likely to be difficult. I rebuilt a Mark 2 from 1981-1987 and the unrusted replacement shell I found had been produced originally as a Daimler, but the previous owner had done the conversion so no trouble for me !!

    As regards the interior, as far as I remember the dash woodwork is different, but I may be wrong, but the seats are definitely different. The Daimler centre console is much shorter and does not extend between the front seats, and the seats themselves are wider, in fact they almost touch, and in the days before seat belts, it was common for a third person to be conveyed in the front, albeit a bit uncomfortable, but OK for short journeys.

    As regards S-type and Mark 2 interchangeability, there is a fair amount of commonality, but you have to be very careful as there are subtle differences in what can appear to be identical parts. For instance, I purchased 2 brand-new S-type front doors when rebuilding my Mark 2, only to find that the door locks are completely different, so had to get Martin Robey to alter the shut faces. When fitted, I found there was a gap of about 1/4" at the door bottom, however the door did seal OK so I considered having totally unrusted doors well worth this slight disfigurement. Nothing is interchangeable from the rear of the D post, and there are all sorts of little differences that you only find on close examination of the cars side-by-side.

    Another thing not the same on the cars are the front spring rates - Jaguar and Daimler are different as the Jaguar engine is much heavier

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