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Thread: rear suspension knocking! - how to??

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    rear suspension knocking! - how to??

    Hi all,

    I have a knocking from the rear suspension but dont really know what i'm looking for so tried the 'how to guide' but its not working!!!

    Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.

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    Depends on what's knocking??
    Anti roll bar D bushes knock over bumps, it's a sort of double knock, a little delayed after the original bump.
    Slip under the back end and hold the anti roll bar, you can't miss it, about 20mm thick bar running one side to the other.
    Grip it and try rattling it.

    Replacement bushes aren't expensive, though the bar does wear just were the bushes fit, so a couple of turns of electrical tape around the bar works a treat.

    The front control arms can knock, but usually creak first (front as in front of rear hub)
    You'll need to jack the wheel up and rock it from side to side, see if there is any play in the arm.

    There are a couple of bushes on the hub carrier, harder to check, but while it's on the jack, have a pull about the the front one, big bush up under the rear doors.

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    One of the How-To-Guides was just a checklist, with a picture showing all the suspension parts to help with tracking down the points of noise unfortunately the links in that guide are also dead, Goudy made a post with lots of info....

    If you get a double-knock over bumps driving in a straight line, first thing to check is the Anti-Roll-Bar Bushes.
    Also check where the drop-links of the ARB are bolted to the subframe, they might need a washer or spacer.

    If you get a single or double knock over bumps while turning, check the upper control arm on the opposite side.
    i.e. knock while turning left, check the right-hand-side upper control arm. And vice-versa.
    Just had this done on mine. The knock "sounded" like the ARB bushes, but the the ARB totally removed the knock was still there.
    The guys pinned it down to the upper control arm, changed the bush, knock was gone. Only took em 10 hours...

    Last thing is pretty random, but give the handbrake cables a shake & see if they are knocking on the channel that they run through.

    The other bushes (front/rear arm, etc) tend to creak as Goudy says. But sure they can eventually knock too.

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