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Thread: Importing an XJ-S to Australia

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    Importing an XJ-S to Australia

    Hi, I am due to Land in Australia on 1st April 2015 for my (and my families) new life in Adelaide.

    Here in the UK i am a serial Jaguar owner - However i sold my Jaguar XJR earlier in the year and i wont have owned my current S-type long enough for it to be eligible as a personal import. Not that i think it would be worth taking anyway as it really is just a daily run around.

    I was talking to a colleague the other day and mentioned that (apart from friends and family) the only two things i will miss about the UK are 'Arundel' - A local town to me. And the fact that i never owned an XJ-S.
    This led me to look into the prices and availability of XJ-S's in Australia - Particularly my favorite (1988 to 1990) variants.

    The selection seems slim and 1988-1990 coupes even slimmer... Not to mention that a nice one looks to be anything from $15000 upwards?

    I have been investigating the 'pre 89' import rules, and that looks like an option - but i need to investigate the associated costs a little further.
    And i have found this car: JAGUAR XJS for sale from TA Classics that looks like a potential candidate.

    Does anyone have any advice on this rule and associated costs (South Australia) and how are imported cars viewed in Australia - both from an insurance point of view and re sale)?

    Thank you..... Richard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard300 View Post
    ... i will miss about the UK are 'Arundel' ...
    I miss Arundel at every opportunity - there are always massive tailbacks on the approach roads.
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    You could try and pm CAMBO he took his car down under and is a native Aussy. He might know the in and outs better.
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    As long as the car meets Australian design rules that willfine, but you must have the rear child seat brackets. That the only thing wehad problems with here in Adelaide.
    As for the Speedo being kms only the local vichal testingstation did not know about this and as far as they were concerned miles /Kmswas not a problem but that may well be only in South Australia The otherproblem may well come when you try to sell the car, the value will be muchlower as it’s not an Australian car.
    The UK cars have far more equipment as standard and much cheaper,then the Australian versions which tend to be very basic for money.
    You will also need a letter from Jaguar cars with the Builddate of the car as well for the import documents.
    As for car insurance not many companies will insure an importedJaguar

    Good luck

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