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Thread: Lewis Hamilton.World Champion.

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    Hi Dave, I wouldn't really argue with that, I could even swap around Red Bull and Williams. Ferrari is the odd one. Kimi didn't live up to expectations in 2014 and is Vettel really any good? It seems odd to think otherwise after four World Championships but there must be a very big question mark following his trouncing by Ricciardo in 2014. I hope Vettel delivers otherwise it diminishes the driver's importance and elevates the car. It is often said that your real opposition is your team mate and over the last five years the dominance of the best car has often shown this to be so. Not always, but mostly.

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    I have always rated Vettel, but am not sure where he is going right now.
    Maybe he has won enough Champoinships, and lost his fire?
    Maybe he just can't give his best if his car is not able to compete at the front of the grid?
    One of the things I really admire about Alonso is that he will take whatever car he is given, and get it several rows further forward on the grid than it deserves.
    Vettel certainly has not done that.
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