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    BT Mobile

    Cautionary tale. I switched to BT Mobile as I have their broadband to a £5pm sim only deal which seemed attractive versus my O2 £18pm contract now expired. I own the phone now so slot in the sim, get a PAC code and away you go. 200 minutes call time, I use about 5 minutes pm, unlimited texts and 500mb data for free. I have an nine month old grandson and take and send many pictures to friends and family. I discovered today that I'm paying 40p per picture even using whatsapp? It;s my own fault for being a) a smartarse and b) not reading the T&C's but then who does?
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    What phone is it?
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    You need to disable the data thingy and only use your wireless setting to send the messages. That way they should be free on Whatsapp.

    Edit: Just realised this post is getting pretty old and I'm probably talking to myself. He's most likely figured it all out by now.
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