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Thread: F-Pace at Art of Performance (Goodwood House) little report

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    F-Pace at Art of Performance (Goodwood House) little report

    Great Day at Goodwood House thanks to Jaguar
    Location was obviously fantastic (and we were even lucky with the weather as we did not really get rain)

    Very warm welcome and good food (wife got the Vegan option which was delicious thanks to chef who came out personally with the dishes for her)

    Short briefing and then out with the family with a F-Pace 2.0d AWD R-Sport for 1.5 hours in the English countryside

    Very good finishing and materials, like the driving position, love the steering wheel (perfect size and grip)
    Booth is very big and all usable and there is even a big space under the floor
    First time for me with the new ingenium engine. If you are in the "right rpm range" it is ok with good torque available, economy is good and the engine very quiet. Only criticism is that under heavy acceleration or from standstill there is a lag and it might get a little bit noisy. Guess the 3 liter would solve the issue
    Gear changes are very smooth also using the paddles. Car feel very connected with the road and stable but it is not too stiff

    After about 1 and half hours we are back at Goodwood and it is now time for some dynamic activities. Did not go for the slalom but when straight to the ice cube. Impressive climbing capabilities with the car that does everything by itself (if you want) after you set the speed

    Now rally circuit with helmet on

    This is probably the biggest suprise. The car is standard with the 22 inches wheels and road tyres. The noise of the engine is great (it is the Petrol V6) and the car is always sideways (feels very much like a rear wheel drive). Of course the driver makes a difference (and mine was an ex-WTCC) but that was fast and it drove like a rally car!!!

    Not my video but gives the idea

    Now obviously took the time to have a go on the F-Type coupe. It is a V6S.

    New the convertible as drove both the V6 and the V8 at Dunsfold but I am more a coupe person. Sadly police was around and we were in open road so speed limits had to be observed but it is a fantastic machine. Great noise, great "connection" with the car also because you sit at the "center" of it. You come out of it with a big smile. Still the doubt of the V8 remains but I am afraid that it might be too much.

    Still have to test the new Discovery 5 (Currently have a Discovery 3) but I already know at least one of the two cars will go in my garage (just need to work on my wife now)

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    I also went to the Goodwood event yesterday! I was on the 1100-1430hrs slot, was a good drive too in the F-Pace and the other stands, was amazed at what it could do off road. I got to drive the F-Type V6S convertible whilst I was there yesterday, what a fantastic car.
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    I was there on saturday at the 13.15 session

    The F-Pace on the rally circuit was mental! Again credit to the driver but geez! Was also very impressed by the off road capabilities. It is more versatile than I thought not as the Discovery but probably more than enough for what most of the people really does off road

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    Thanks for the write-up on your day out - I'm due to be at Bramham on Saturday, and looking forward to it....


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    We're waiting for our F-Pace V6S now. As the dealership didn't have a petrol we took the 3.0 diesel for a couple of hours and I can confirm that it deals with any performance issues you might have. Driving along familiar roads I was astounded that something as large could handle the way it does.
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