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Thread: Light stalk

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    Quote Originally Posted by x-dave View Post
    2W93 = Designed for the launch X350 (the first character is the year of the engineering release, the others represent the model)
    13335 = Lighting stalk
    A = First revision number (think of it as a version number)
    A = Second revision number (this increments as engineering changes are made)

    With purely hardware parts (no software involved) parts are generally cross-compatible as long as the first revision number is the same. The second revision number will increment with each change, so an AE will be later than an AA. If the first revision is different, e.g. BA vs AA, then it normally indicates a different specification and parts may not be cross-compatible. Parts with embedded software are not always compatible.

    Specifically with the lighting stalks, 2W93 parts were fitted to the X350 up to the 2007 facelift, and most of the other cars in production from that time such as the XF, XK, etc. 8W93 parts were fitted to the facelift X358, and are still in use today on the X351, XF, F-Pace, F-Type, etc. They are also used on various RR models. The 8W93-13335-AX parts are compatible with the early cars (the difference is the chrome end button and rings).

    To swap over remove the steering column plastic covers (screws are underneath) then the stalk simply clips out. It only takes a couple of minutes.
    When obtaining a second hand stalk check for front-back play and loose rings before fitting. Many are removed from cars because they wear and start triggering intermittent lighting faults.
    ...just to be devil's advocate, if there was a part on fleabay for example, is there any way of knowing what the latest revision letter is?

    I wouldn't want to buy an "A" if there was an "E" available.

    I suppose if it's from a 2004 it's likely to be an "A" but if it's from a 2008/9 it's likely to be an "E"?

    Not all ads will state the age of the donor vehicle.
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    My "E" revision from ebay arrived a couple of days ago. Will hopefully be attempting to fit soon.
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