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Thread: The One Post Thread ??

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    The One Post Thread ??

    I've been pretty quiet over the past couple of weeks. Yes - with Christmas and The New Year and lots of activity with family and friends, there's not been as much time as usual for browsing and contributing on the forum, but I have also resisted the temptation to add my comments to some threads which, in my sincere opinion, have gone beyond the point of "argument" into abuse and insult.
    Apart from the "car stuff" from which many of us gain valuable knowledge and benefit from the experience of others (and - if appropriate - we can help others in return), there's the sort-of "saloon-bar" area where it is totally appropriate to discuss all those other things which we feel strongly about. I enjoy that, and I would be disappointed if those parts of the forum were to disappear.
    So - just a small request from me. I think we all think that the language filters which are in place are probably a bit too extreme. Rather than complain about them, or try to find ways of getting round them like naughty schoolboys - why don't we just accept that for whatever reasons - they are there and if we want to be members of the club, we agree to the rules ? If the software substitutes a few asterisks for a word that's pretty innocuous and harmless - so what ? Nobody died !!
    I would not want to be a moderator on this, or any other forum. It is a pretty thankless task.
    Do you think our collective New Year's resolution might be to work WITH the owners and moderators here, rather than trying to circumvent their authority ?
    Shouldn't be too difficult should it ??
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    David, genuinely what a great post and one I totally agree with

    Most of us are of a decent age and as you say, really should know better, none of us are 12 anymore ( otherwise we wouldn't be here ) lol

    The filters may be as you say a little on the extreme side, but now set where they're set, so rather than moan / whinge and complain, all the while gleefully trying to find ways around them.........just work with them, it really is NOT the end of the world.
    Please bear in mind this is coming from a Glaswegian who probably swears way more than he should........If I can do it, trust me, anyone can.

    Also a massive plus 1 from me on the moderators and Admin of the site. They certainly do a thankless task for no pay or reward, other than the love of the marque / forum etc. God alone knows what this site or many others would be like without them policing them

    Funny thing is, there's a lot of good guys here, good knowledge and friendship, also a lot of wasted time and energy on what is clearly a pointless exercise trying to fight against the system.

    In short David, I applaud your post and I'm all in as I always have been

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    Thanks for a great post there DevonDavid. The swear filter was originally put into place as I was putting in a lot of time editing posts for people who felt like they had to swear, the filter was a great add on for myself as it stopped the majority of this until certain members figured out quite quickly how to circumvent it. Frustrating it certainly was indeed as I ended up having to edit posts again and would then be questioned when I did or picked them up on it.

    Hopefully this will now stop and we can move on to be a friendly place as it always has been.

    I took on the moderator job to this site as I love the marque and want this place to prosper and help others.

    Hopefully everyone can join in and help to do that too!
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