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Thread: iXpand drive.

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    iXpand drive.

    Had one of these given to me for Christmas. It's a Sandisk 128GB USB 3.0 stick but with a lightning connector at the other end, this allows it to connect to an iOS device via an app.

    It has had decent reviews too, can watch films on it and backup pictures. Just thought perhaps that this cool little stick could be of use to others who are short of space on their iPhone & iPad or decent for the plane/long journeys to watch films. Only drawback is that it has to be in FAT32 format with 4GB max size files.

    Anyone else had a cool gadget lately?
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    Now a quarter of the way into transferring my DVD collection to hard drive.

    My new gadget is a miracast dongle. A simple £12 HDMI powered bu USB dongle that connects your tablet to the TV by miracast, Then using a portable wifi hard drive with all of my DVD collection on it, I can watch anywhere in the world on the big screen any of my DVDs without dragging them around with me or bringing a laptop and HDMI lead, just my Kindle, the dongle and the small portable drive.

    I guess that later they will make portable wifi drives that have the miracast app on them thus eliminating the tablet.

    Ain't technology great. No books, no DVDs just a few small items that house my complete collections.


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