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Thread: Calling a Spade a Spade

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevonDavid View Post
    Well .............. if your glass is half empty, it's a disgrace and the school should be closed by the end of the week. If your glass is half full, you could argue that Ofsted has finally been allowed to break the racist / Islamist taboo and tell the truth, and that if the school doesn't make the recommended changes, it will be forced to close.
    But ................ just to put things into context. This is NOT a normal state school. It is a private school, costs £2500 per year (not much I agree but not funded completely by "our" taxes), and has 114 pupils over the whole 11 - 18 age group. So - let's say about 60 families send their kid(s) there.

    I'm not sticking up for the school - I think it is disgraceful that it hasn't been formally criticised sooner and/or more regularly.
    But - most secondary schools have between 500 and 1500 pupils so it's hardly a major academic institution.
    And - I would put a fair bet on the fact that there's probably mouse droppings in the bogs at both Eton and Harrow Schools - just rather better class mice than you get in most other school toilets !!
    Come off it David, it doesn't matter a Jot if its a major academic institution or not,and it also doesn't matter if its a Private School
    or not.

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    It sounds like a dump but one school failing an Ofsted inspection is hardly major news. Still, the readers' comments in the Mail online made me chuckle!
    Personally I'd like to see an end to all religious schools.
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    We can agree to disagree (again ) but I think it DOES matter.
    I think Islam is a cruel and discriminatory religion which has no place whatsoever in any civilised 20th century society. Full Stop.
    I think that any school which puts extremist religious instruction above teaching based on a tolerant and respectful society should be closed. Full stop.

    I don't think "very small private fee-paying Islamic school is marked as inadequate by Ofsted" is a very gripping headline when you can hype it up into something a bit more controversial. This is a small establishment, paid for, staffed by, and "pupilled" by religious extremists. Personally, I don't believe they are representative of "mainstream" Muslim opinion and behaviour, any more than my old friend and work colleague Colin, a devout Jehovas Witness who would rather let his kids die than have a blood transfusion, represented "mainstream" Christian belief and behaviour.
    That's all !!
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