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Thread: DTC Problem

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    DTC Problem

    Hi . Thanks for allowing me to join the forum.
    I currenlty have a DTC issue with my car,

    2001 X308
    4,0 Litre
    The DTC issue is a strange one,
    I am using a iCarsoft 930 (Landrover & Jaguar)

    Ok, the issue, reduced performance light is on.
    I plug the code reader in,
    select correct vehicle , select manual scan.
    the Engine module is giving me the following 4 DTC's
    1) P0327
    2) P0332
    3) B0327
    3) P0332

    from the info on reader 1 & 2 relate to knock sensors ? and they clear ok.
    engine light and warning go out but return when i start the engine.

    Could this be related to the fact that the car has been parked for an extended perion ? (Fully charged battery fitted for test)

    DTC's £ & 4 are a bit baffling, they are not in the reader database.
    As far as i am aware the prefix "B" relate to body control module faults, so, why would they appear when interogating the engine module?

    These fault codes DO NOT clear, could this be why the light keeps coming back ?
    Incidently these codes are NOT in the reader database, could ths be a "Typing Error" by the data capturer when they were writing the software?
    And is it possible that they will not clear simply because the reader does not recognise them as engine ECU fault codes ?

    I don't want to go chasing my tail or buying bits that i don't need.

    Another issue i have with the iCarsoft reader is that it will not connect to the Body Control Module, is this normal for this reader ?

    Thank you for any assistance or advice you can offer,

    I have an Ebay purchased copy of !DS 131 ver 6 but i am unsure which VCI to purchase to suit the software, again any advice will be welcome.



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    Welcome to the forum.

    Thread moved to the correct section.
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    Hi Iain,

    Welcome to the forum matey, I have had a look on jagrepair and the 327 and332 codes are for your Knock sensors. Voltage out of range poor contact with cylinder head ???
    If I was you I would check the condition of them, if its been stood for a long time ?? I dont know anything about the DTC reader you have mate so I cant help there. Could any contaminants ie oil or coolant have got on them ??? I would take one off at a time clean mating surfaces and try again. Failing that replace each knock sensor but make sure mating surfaces are clean.
    Check your coolant thermostat tower caus if its leaking I dont know if its possible coolant could get to the sensors ??? Theres better members on here that have more knowledge than me who will help.
    Have a look on may point you in the right direction mate

    All the best

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    B code numbers don't go up that high, and very specious they are the same number as the knock codes!

    Very odd you get the same knock errors for both bank. Almost thinking ecu fault!
    They use the same ground as the crank sensor

    The knock and crank sensors go through this connector. Maybe worth a look:
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    Hi all,

    I just experienced almost the same with a identical cat (XJ8 4.0L 2001).
    She was running perfect, I stopped for parking for about 10 minutes, and then she didn't start anymore. Motor was turning for a couple of seconds, just mumbling, and then died away cylinder by cylinder.
    I connected the JLR 130 to it and read the DTCs and it came up with B0327. Couldn't find it in the JTIS nor in the Internet.

    I had some comments on being the speed sensor of the fuel pump. Had it towed back home and put the battery charger to over night.
    On the next morning it started right away without troubles. I controlled the voltage of the battery over the next days, but generator was charging and voltage never went below 12,5 Volts.

    On Wednesday the same happend again. driving was fine, just a 5 Minute stop and she wouldn't go anywhere.
    Battery was 12,7 Volts. And then I opened the bonnet.

    When changing the thermostat tower I obviously forgot to relocate one of the clamps. And so, when driving with higher rotations (=stronger water pressure) some cooling water was spilled over the sensors/harnesses)
    So I dried up everything, used contact spray on the harnesses - and drove home.

    As Lance already indicated, please check for leaks in the cooling circle.

    Best regards

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