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    Hi, I havent introduced myself yet, although I joined a while back. I am the owner of a 2002 X-Type Sport 3.0L Black on Black. I bought it last year for a low enough price that has allowed me to replace/repair many parts it needs, and some high performance upgrades like lower stiffer springs, series6 Bilstein performance shocks ceramic brakes with new calipers slotted drilled rotors, making it much more fun to drive, and as it should be driven. Fast... and then even faster. I am writing this while I wait for the rain to stop so I can swap out the Transfer case. It seized up on me after a long highway trip driving upwards of 100mph+. I didn't check the transfer case fluid level etc., but at least I'm lucky it didn't fail until I came to a stop! The sheer momentum at those high speeds had been keeping the gears together until I slowed down, then a clunking started and froze just as I parked it. I bought one locally at a salvage yard for 350$ with 60,000mi(mine has 150,000) and they dropped it off at the spot where I had parked.My apt. doesn't allow repairs done in the parking garage. I like the fact that most x-type parts can be purchased locally and cost less than alot of other jaguar models. It unfortunately has many poorly engineered systems and designs that kinda disappoint, and should have been engineered a little less cost efficient and little more performance/luxury.I am going to be adding more leather trim and other tastefully done finishing touches to the interior myself. I have been having the most frustrating time dealing with the nav/entertainment system, and would appreciate any help getting it to work properly. It didn't have the original nav disc when I bought it,so I purchased the 199.00$ disc the Jaguar dealership offers, and low and behold it made my screen go Blank, and flash the annoying 50/51 code fault. This happen previously, after I accidentally touched the software update button in the "1971" internal diagnostic mode,I found and burned a downloaded reboot disc someone posted, but It worked only the one time. I have a macbook, and little experience burning dvds, or knowing if the nav module would read anything apple, but it did somehow only this time I have had no luck getting the touch screen to turn back on. I'm also confused about the compatibility of the various components I may need to replace from another vehicle. Why is matching the different components so damn cryptic and finicky? when I took it to the dealership, they charged me too much(140.00) and told me nothing certain, even though they have diagnostics that give them all the information necessary to repair the issues. they then told me it would require more time, more money, then end up telling me its going to cost even more money for the replacement nav unit, or whatever. I could have bought the replacement already for the price of their involvement. I have been studying the shop manuals, and reading the jaguar forum posts, which is awesome by the way, and can fix anything that scares off the many mechanics Ive gone to so far. I want to replace the current screen with a newer android system, but need to find a way to use the climate control, do I get a climate control unit from a car without the nav.? is that even possible? I better post my questions separately, this post is getting a bit too wordy. so Ill just say hello, and glad to have been invited to join the Jaguar Forum!

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    Hi Jerryr. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Jerry!

    You really need to post your queries in the X Type section, and I would suggest that you break the text down into paragraphs, to make it easier to read!

    Enjoy both the car and the forum!
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    Hi Jerryr. welcome sounds like a lovely motor how about some photo's
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