First of all I have just purchased the new x260 But still think what I wrote. The new 5 Series comapared to the Xf is a much better car, and so is the MB. the interior quality in the bmw is very impressive, and very good in the MB. Let s say the Xf in terms of quality perceived is between a 3 series and a 5 series.
Any engine is better for the Bmw and Merc. Infotainment is far better with Bmw and very good with MB. the 5 series handles better than the xf and is more confy. The merc is more confy but not as sharp as the xf.
At the end i still prefer the Jag, because it s the only one between the 3 that gets me excited and most important:
The XF is the only car that makes me feel pleased at the same time with the front end design and the tail design. When I look at the xf I feel the design it's complete and any angle has been designed considering all the body.