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Thread: MPG Showing Off Time

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    MPG Showing Off Time

    I've often been told that I have a heavy right foot, but the Jag just doesn't seem to care! The MPG is at 52.7 and going up all the time!! (A far cry from the last car I drove, BMW 320d - which stuck at 43.2.)

    What's yours? Here's a chance to show off your skilful and economic driving!

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    It would be helpful if you could update your sig with your car details.
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    well my guess is he has a 04 2.0d, as it looks topaz silver in the picture, which they stopped doing in 2005, and the 2.2 wasnt available then, for milage im going to guess 106,000

    oh and mines 28.9 MPG, but i live in a town where your lucky if you get past 5 mph
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    Mine is 62 MPG with LPG for the amount of a gallon of Diesel
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    Going to work down country lanes and giving her a good old fashioned thrashing = 43mpg
    Going to my other office which is 100 miles up the M6 = 55mpg
    2005 55 reg 06MY 2.0D Sovereign.
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    I'm guessing Honey has lost interest .
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    OK here's mine. The car is running so much better and mpg has increased significantly since I had the rocker gasket and injector seals changed recently.

    A: reading 59.9mpg. This has not been reset for months, I just leave it so I can see how the car is performing. This has increased from about 54mpg since having the above mentioned work done.

    B: reading 65mpg. This was reset after having the above work done.

    I do mainly A road and motorway driving with a bit of local trips to the shops etc.

    2005 X type 2.0D SE Estate, Platinum Silver, Warm Charcoal leather with heated/memory seats, heated front screen & mirrors, auto-fold mirrors, touch-screen with navigation, Bluetooth phone, a/c climate control, 6 x CD changer, radio/cassette with aux/mp3 player input, Jag voice, cruise control, auto lights/wipers, HID headlights, headlight washers, rear parking sensors, front dash-cam, 17" Cayman alloys, 50/50 remap, fully blanked EGR....

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    Currently hovering around 61 MPG for me on A road and motorway driving with a bit of local shops stuff thrown in and plenty of lifting and coasting. Most of the time that's with no passengers though.

    Went up a few MPG after I started adding 2 stroke oil when filling up

    I know it's mixing systems but it'd be nice if the trip computer could show miles per litre
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    There must be some serious grandad driving going on here. I drove from west London to north Wales over the weekend in my 2.0d, 2005 with 120,000 miles.
    Mpg was 51 and that was an average speed of about 60 with 90% of the journey motorway at 80mph

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    Amateurs. 3.0 V6 Xtype.
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