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Thread: What started your journey to owning a Jaguar

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    What started your journey to owning a Jaguar

    What was it that got you into being a Jag owner? Did you have one handed down by a friend or family member?
    Was it a car that you always admired as a child and finally when you were able to buy one you fulfilled a dream?
    For me it was not only the looks and smooth driving but the fact they are not out of reach price wise. I always admired the looks of them growing up and of course seeing them in many TV shows.
    I've had a XJ40, Mk/2, two S/Type's (one of which is my daily drive and in mint condition) and now a V12 XJS. There are other makes but no other does it for me quite like a Jaguar.
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    My father had a 3.8 S Type when I first passed my driving test in the 1960s, and I found that superb to drive.

    I didn't come back to the marque though until about four years ago. I had an immaculate Land Rover Defender 90 XS at the time, and the Land Rover dealer contacted me to see if I would sell. I hadn't been thinking of selling, so told him that depended how good his offer was.

    I then checked what I could get for the money offered, and found it would buy me a pristine XF 3.0D S of similar age and mileage, and decided to go for it.

    I was blown away by the combination of pace, grace and space, and amazed by the mpg. Mind you, when you come from a Defender anything with grace and pace is likely to impress, and anything over 25mpg is new territory!

    When I retired I decided that the diesel no longer suited my mileage, so changed to the XK.

    I can't imagine ever not having a Jaguar now!
    2006 XK Indigo Blue with Caramel seats and Sable carpets

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    Hello all,

    I was looking for an Aston Martin at the time, and in a friend's garage he said he had a Mk2 for sale (this is about 40 years ago), the only reason I bought it was because it was a 3.8 litre version. I've still got the receipt £500.00. I ran it for some years before it needed a lot of work. It got put to one side and is still awaiting it's restoration. Some work has been done but lots more to do. I did eventually find and buy a DB5 which I also ran for many years as my everyday car, in all weathers.

    2004 2.5 X Type Estate, MK 2 3.8 (Long term restoration), 2.5 P.I. Triumph saloon, 564 Hymer motorhome.

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    Hi all.
    I always loved the E-type and my father got me a brochure from the motor show that would have been 1974-1975 must have been the last show they were at, but alas could never afford one in a million years but fast forward to 2004 and i purchased not a E-type but a second hand X-type 2.5 se a lovely car. Kept it for 6 months as i had some inheritance money upgraded it in 2005 to another X-type 3.0 se this time brand new and kept it till 2012 nearly 12 years then purchase a 2007 XK coupe 2008 model year.
    Love the thing but not so keen on the rear visibility.

    Lexus is250 se-L 2009.
    Former Jaguar 2007 XK 4.2 Silver 20inch Senta wheels 2008 spec car.
    Former Jaguar 2005 x-type 3.0 with Arden exhaust.
    Ah the joys of Lexus motoring !!!!!

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    I remember seeing the S-Type in 1998 at the Birmingham motor show along with the other cars in the range. I've always wanted to own one. I've also lived right near the Castle Bromwich Plant for a few years too seeing various Camouflaged cars on the road around the area. Since then I've owned 3 Jaguars, S-Type 3.0L, X-Type 3.0L estate and the XK, which I think is still one of the best looking GT cars around.

    65mike with rear visibility, I actually reverse quite accurately by opening the driver's door and leaning right out, seems to work well.
    Current Car:
    2017 XE R-Sport 25t 250Ps 18MY.

    Previous Cars:
    2000 S-Type 3.0L SE Auto
    2004 X-Type 3.0L AWD SE Auto estate.
    2007 XK x150 4.2L Coupe

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    I had so many Jaguar moments as a kid growing up in the Sixties and Seventies , S Types , MK10 , 420 G , E Types , MK2 . and
    the XJ Range , I was in them all as a kid . Perhaps an equal attraction for me was the type of character the typical Jaguar Driver
    was at that time , he had status , he was successful with a hint of dodginess and his woman was always well presented and heavily
    perfumed , in short he inhabited another world that we could only dream of.
    I can even remember a woman who owned a local B&B that had a Mark10 , Betty was a Divorcee with a passion for beehive hair seamed
    stockings and fur coats and my friends mum was her cleaner , Fridays we would all pile in to the back to go to the Cash and Carry
    where Betty would treat us all to a Fish and Chip tea afterwards . Where have all those types gone now ? we just don't seem to make
    those sort of characters anymore. Another was Michael Moylan who owned a Furniture Shop in Wishaw , Michael had a rarity and that
    was a series 1 XJ12 which was in silver , this was known locally as Moylans Jag . Bobby Kay was another Furniture shop owner with a
    Daimler and then there was " Tamson " or to give him his proper name Tom Thomson.
    Tamson was from a local family of ill repute , but he had succeeded in marrying the only child of an extremely rich Farmer and Landowner ,
    he then proceeded to spend his way through the old blokes fortune and in doing so introduced me as an eight year old kid to the World
    of Classic Cars which at that time was in its infancy , I met him through my father who used to install the occasional electrical equipment
    for the old farmer . I never found out how Tamson got his passion for classic cars , its been years since I saw him , but he went from Alvis
    to Maserati , from Aston Martin to E types , from Bentley to Mk2 3.8 and not just one at a time , but five and six cars all laying in the farmyard
    in various states of completion . Its incredible to think that these cars had very little value then , Classic Car Magazine had just started Publication
    and both them and Motor Sport were the only journals catering to this field . Inevitably Tamson pulled up in a dark blue 3.8 one day and I was
    over like a shot next to it , I ended up gone for four hours to Peebles to look at a Gordon Keeble and when we got back my house was surrounded with
    Police Cars , my mother had reported me missing , one can imagine what ensued . To date I have owned thirteen Jaguars and given the present
    model line up and direction of the company I think I have had the best of it , I hope to pick up a SuperV8 x350 later in the year and maybe another
    X150 , but after that I am done.

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    I personally love all Jaguars but the 3 models that really tugged my rug were the XJ40 MODERN S TYPE and XJS.

    The xj40s around me were either really high mileage 2.9-3.6 cars with bulkhead rot and general crustiness.

    The XJS was and still is my favourite Jaguar but the one i wanted was a convertible and with 8k and up prices it is an impossibility.

    Finally my S type, she is a great car IMO with great classical looks a strong engine and my favourite interior of any car i've ever sat in, she is a keeper... Hopefully
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    Jaguar S type 3.0 SE + Range Rover 4.6 + 2002 Mini One.

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    deleted by choice
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    For me it was the Mark 10, and MarkII with the metal horn ring in the wood steering wheel, and overdrive, and wood trim and proper red leather hand-stitched seats and the smell.

    I was about 12 years old!

    Then the E Type caught my eye, nearly bought one for £450 in 1974-ish but was pipped by the chap who was just leaving after putting down a deposit for it at the garage.


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    Seventeen years old I bought a 2.4 litre model (retrospectively referred to as the Mk I) from (at the time) well-known Sydney journalist and writer **** Wordley. [Edit: his name was Richard, but he was known as Di... the word censor has needlessly covered up his first name.]

    I think I paid $250 for it. I friend of the family was a Jaguar enthusiast and had a lovely 3.8 Mk 2 at the time. That's what got me into Jaguars. He replaced the Mk 2 with a manual gearbox XJ6 and that became the pinnacle for me.

    So the black Mk I was replaced with a white automatic 3.4 Mk I. Then after I left school a really nice 3.4 Mk 2 (at last! A Mk 2!) in Warwick Grey.

    I replaced the Mk 2 with a beautiful BRG TR6 but Jags were calling me back, and after the purchase of an E-Type fell through I actively went on the lookout for a manual-gearbox XJ6, quite a rare car in Australia. Found a lovely dark blue Series One and that probably remains my favourite car ever. I'd have it (or one like it) back in a flash. Bought a Mk V to restore, but never finished it. Had a couple of other Mk 2s as project cars and fitted a 3.8 E-Type engine with manual box to one of them.

    Coming over to the UK in 1979, a few years later nostalgia prompted the purchase of a Regency Red S1 XJ6 but the auto doesn't really do it for me. Then a S2 XJ6 which was quite nice but even though it was supposedly "restored", it rusted away to virtually nothing right in front of my eyes.

    A 2.9 litre XJ40 soon after but it was the only Jag I've ever owned that didn't really do anything for me, and after long journeys I was glad to get out of it, which is not right for a Jaguar.

    So Jaguarless for a number of years and then the current X308 Sov came along. I think it's fair to say it's a real Jaguar, in that it feels special and has that sense of occasion when you drive it. I'd love it to have a manual gearbox but obviously the market doesn't call for this any more in such a car.

    If I want to drive a powerful car with a manual gearbox I have my year-old Vauxhall GTC which I bought new. Its two litre engine has almost as much torque as the 4.0 litre Jag and it returns 50mpg! It accelerates like hell so I reckon I've got the best of both worlds with the two current cars.

    PS: When I came over here in 1979 I could have bought a Sunbeam Tiger for £900. Now why did I not do that? #hindsight
    2000 Jaguar X308 4.0
    1973 Jensen Interceptor Mk III 7.2
    1969 Jensen Interceptor Mk I 6.3

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