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  1. Frequently Asked Questions about any X Type related problems
  2. Things you never knew your Jag can do
  3. Copyright materials
  4. Info: If your Warranty is due to expire soon..
  5. Retrofitting touch screen sat nav controls
  6. X-Type model specs and info
  7. X Type Petrol and Diesel Service schedules
  8. Handbooks download link
  9. Filters and Oil Change on Diesel
  10. Safety Recall - 2006-2010 2.2 diesels
  11. Sovereign that's an SE !
  12. How To Guides Are Back, sort of
  13. Jaguar X Type Guide to: How to Check for Sill Corrosion
  14. 2.0D Driveshaft Change - some questions answered
  15. How to repair annoying click from auto J-gate with pictures
  16. V6 Oil Sump Replacement, the guide!
  17. How to remove and refit the drivers door lock assembly
  18. How to: Change Auxiliary Pulley, Tensioner, Belt and Shield
  19. Converting from manual aircon to climate control
  20. How to clean your nav player laser
  21. Cure limp mode/Coil light/Turbo clean/Intercooler hose/Decat
  22. How I repaired my Sat Nav DVD reader
  23. How-To Guides for X-Types: 2014 edition
  24. Novice guide to replacing 2.5/3.0 v6 spark plugs
  25. Waist seal replacement with photos...
  26. Transfer Box removal, rebuild and replacement
  27. How To: Cure Limp Mode Coil Light Flashing - VVT Turbo Clean
  28. How to fit Upgraded HID Lights to Standard X-Type Headlights
  29. Taking apart an X-Type video
  30. How to Replace Oil Cooler Thermostat with photos - Diesel
  31. Easy install of Jaguar SDD with Virtual Images (Images pre created by me)