View Full Version : New XE R sport with Contaminated ECU and Wire Harness

23-04-17, 17:35
Hi I am new to the this forum and would like to share my recent bad experience with my new 3 month old Jaguars XE r sport just after 2000km on the clock
the onboard computer started to give me erratic messages like water in fuel, than the engine fan started turning on just after a 10 min journey. The morning after "presumably " because the fan remained on all night it gave me a low battery start engine quickly. I decided to head straight to the local Jaguar dealer but on the way the car stopped and I had to tow it to the garage. One month after the car is being repaired under guarantee. Not happy at all with this situation I thought Jaguar produced better cars .

23-04-17, 18:25
Hi Stephen & welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your new XE, this simply should not happen with any car let alone a Jaguar.

I do hope you can get a satisfactory result from your dealer in Malta, I know things work slightly different to the UK but as it's a new car I would certainly be having a word with them.

I am a regular visitor to Malta and have many friends there in Balzan and Birkirkara, in fact we just returned from Malta two weeks ago after our spring visit.

24-04-17, 06:41
Hello Jag75
Thank you for your concern and for taking your time to speak to Jaguar on this matter. To be honest the local agent told me that i should not worry because the repair works they intend to do will be in accordance to Jaguar standards. Fingers crossed that this will be so and that my car will be as good as new as it was when i took it from their showroom. This is my 1st Jag and i am really disappointed that this had to happen to me - even so i sent a note to Jaguar from their website and they didn't even have the decency of sending me a reply (absolute bad customer relations) I believe that since Malta is a very small island and sales are not that much they tend to ignore our claims pity
I work in B'Kara so it you happen to be in Malta let me know

24-04-17, 22:43
Maybe a slight misunderstanding I did not speak to Jaguar on this matter but I simply meant if it were my car I most certainly would be speaking to them.

Having said that Jaguar Customer Service (CRC) which stands for Customer Resourse Centre is a bit of a joke as whenever I have had the occasion to complain about anything basically they're not interested.
I have a 7 year old XF with 46,000 miles on the clock and both front doors are corroded right through as a result of corrosion being passed through the door from the sound insulation pad on the inside.
My 15 year old Rover 75 Connoisseur sits alongside it in better condition.

I do hope you get things sorted out and thank you in the meantime. I'm usually over in Malta twice a year so I will try and contact you on my next visit.

25-04-17, 12:35
Hi Sorry about that, i was positive that you had some connection with the manufacturer :) But don't worry I am eagerly waiting for end of this week to have my car back and hopefully be as happy as I was when I got my new car once more. If not - I will head straight to a second hand car dealer to sell my 3 month old car , hopefully without losing much of the money i spent (60'000 euro) to be precise


25-04-17, 18:28
I wish I did have connections with Jaguar, I would get things done pronto. On the very few occasions when a customer of mine made a complaint I sorted things out immediately.

Jaguar CRC need to take a serious look at themselves instead of just crunching numbers.