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23-12-17, 10:30
I experience (at least for me) a very high vibration on neutral gear (manual transmission). It is even very visible when looking at the gear stick. Dealer says it is normal for the car and with time it will become better. It would be passable if the engine stop/start worked ok. But it does not, unpredictable: can work for a couple of days, then not, then again. See no dependency on the temperature, climate control, music, any other factor. Dealear changed the battery, tried several times but gave up, did a dump of the computer and promissed to send it to the factory. Will see. Before that i was driving range rover evoque, where this problem started after 3 years and dealer (the same) did not manage to resolve it for 2 years (till the lease contract expired). on f-pace it started from day 1.

overal a very disappointing experience. As if this is a new car brand: basic issues as described above, interior unexplainable issues, wipers become so hard when temperature is around 0 that you can not hear music through the sound they make on the windshield, ...

Does anybody know if there are safety norms for the vibration levels? Hate the idea that i have to suffer for 5 more years.

23-12-17, 14:08
I am trading my replacement F pace for an AWD XF Sportbrake in the new year as my car has developed a drive line vibration after 7000 miles exactly the same as on the car I rejected.I have been offered some compensation from JLR against the Sportbrake and they have actually put in writing to me that a drive line vibration is a "characteristic of the F pace and it is not a safety issue." It must be wear on components that has caused this to happen afer this low mileage. I have enquired as to how it is possible to engineer into a car a drive line vibration and I have yet to receive their answer but this would explain the high level of complaints on various Jaguar forums regarding engine and transmission vibrations on this unhappy model they have managed to produce.

23-12-17, 14:16
I almost choked on my Tea reading that Hydra , obviously I remember your initial delight when you first took delivery ,
then the replacement Vehicle and now your unhappy conclusion .
Genuinely lost for words Mate and I suspect you are well out of it .

23-12-17, 14:44
Thanks Red. I am gutted really as I like many aspects of the F pace but an instrusive drive line vibration is just not something that I am prepared to tolerate. JLR obviously have had problems in this area with this model but they now claim that this type of vibration is a characteristic of the vehicle which I will not accept. My dealer has another F pace with 12000 miles on the clock which has exactly the same problem as mine so it would seem that wear on components causes this "characteristic" to develop whereas my first F pace had the problem from day one. Hiding behind JLR engineers statement that it is a characteristic of the vehicle allows them to now ignore any further complaints from owners and not allow the dealers to change any components in an effort to rectify the problem which I think is a sad state of affairs for owners.
Happy Christmas!

23-12-17, 15:24
I would have dropped an email to the Honest John Website , they have a section called carbycar where issues such
as yours are catalogued in order to compile a Database for the Public on a model by model basis .
Happy Christmas !

23-12-17, 17:55
Already done!
I also intend to pass my file of correspondence on this whole sorry subject to the editor of a motoring mag in the hope that they will expose JLR and their faulty products and the way that they treat their loyal customers and expect them to be beta testers.