View Full Version : 2017 XF Portfolio: folding rear seat wont unlock.

Max Tout
10-02-18, 11:12
2017 XF Portfolio: folding rear seat wont unlock.

The passenger side section of my 60:40 folding rears seats (i.e. the 60 bit) has decided to withdraw its co-operation.;it wont budge!

Its been a little hesitant to open since I bought the car in December but has unlocked after 2 or 3 tugs on the cable. However, no matter how hard I tug and cajole the cable its now refusing to unlock. The smaller drivers side section of the rear seat unlocks very easily at the first tug of the cable.

Anyone know if there is another (quick/easy ) way to release the locking mechanism without taking it in to the dealer and letting them sort it out?...not having folding rear seats is a bit of a show-stopper for me and its causing me some problems.

All replies gratefully received.

10-02-18, 17:52
As far as I know, the cable release is the only way to do it. Sounds like a visit to the dealer to release it.