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26-02-18, 19:02
Hi All,

I have owned a 3.0DS Premium Luxury for the best part of 5 and a half years now I it has been a fantastic car, by far the best car I have ever owned. That said, time marches on and all that and its coming up to replacement time. I have looked at the new 3.0d S which is nice but im drawn toward the new 30i petrol in R-Sport trim as it fits my budget just that little more comfortably than a new 3.0d s.

The only thing is I have been spoiled rotten by my current car, love the ride, love the engine, the performance and the way it never sounds like its working particularly hard to deliver that shove. So im a little concerned that the 30i , as its a 4 pot petrol and really only a 2.0ltr engine, is going to sound like its having a rev laden drama whenever you want the performance. Also my D S returns a reasonable 30ish mpg no matter how i drive it and easily 45+ ish mpg on a sensible motorway run.

I have had a good scan on the interment and i don't think there are many of these things on the road yet so I would just like to ask if anyone here owns a petrol 30i who can give me the benefit of their experience (before i book a test drive) in so far as the general engine behavior and real world fuel consumption ? i'm expecting that i will be lucky to get anywhere 30 mpg town driving and no where near 45+ mpg on a run........ :-(

Cheers all :-)

Ian D
26-02-18, 19:16
Welcome to the forum!

You’ll find the 30t a great drive as it’s AWD and has some poke to it, they’re quite a rare sight on the road as they’ve only been out a year and most sales have been diesel. I have the one step down being the 25t in my XE (same basic engine) and that returns 42mpg on the motorway, I’ve averaged 37mpg on a tank since I’ve had the car.

With the XF being slightly heavier than my XE and AWD I reckon you’ll still achieve 40mpg on the motorway.

Its a great engine, max torque on the 30t is from 1500rpm instead of 1200rpm on the 25t as it’s a larger turbo but has ceramic roller bearing for a quick spool up and other clever tech that eliminates turbo lag.

26-02-18, 19:38
Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply. Thats good to hear :-)

Im really tempted to go for the 30i, ..... Im going to sort out a test drive and see how it goes. Thanks again for the reply Ian :-)

27-02-18, 22:20
I have a 3 month old XF 25t Portfolio, which replaced my 4yo 530d. I am enjoying the XF but the lower torque is noticeable after having the 6 cylinder diesel. The engineís very smooth but does need winding up to get the performance. Iím happy with it but itís worth checking. Mine is doing about 39mpg with a 50/50 ish mix long steady runs and knocking about. Iíve not seen it above 42 on a run or below 34 just doing short runs. My 530 averaged 44/45 on 50/50.

01-03-18, 20:09
Cheers PScott, I was a bit worried about the 25t in the XF so I was banking on the 30t having just that bit extra shove to help it along. Judging by the couple of replies here so far, I think it will be fine, accepting the switch from diesel to petrol will mean not the same amount of low range torque. Once the snow clears up I will be sorting out a test drive and we will see whats what. your MPG figures look quite respectable though I would say :-)

02-03-18, 10:16
Bear in mind I use my XF for long and casual journeys; I don't hustle it, you may not get the same mileage!!

16-03-18, 16:45
I had a 2012 XF 3.0. D for three years and found it ideal for my mixed motoring which is probably 60/40 town / distance and was amazed at all aspects of drive ability. Mpg was average of about 45 overall and mid 50s on a run.

I now have the current XF but with a 180,2.0D ingenium engine. I bought this just before the anti diesel press but I calculate that,as it does 62 mpg on a run at 60/70 mph it has got to be pretty clean. I looked for a petrol version at the time but they were rather rare.

I guess the 3.0 petrol must be a lovely car if a bit more thirsty. Be interested to hear your view after a test drive