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27-02-18, 23:20
Since we don't have a thread on EGR valves, we need one.

Here are a couple or three videos on EGR operation...


For big diesels:

More general info...

How to clean your EGR valve...



This video below is also not for S Types but gives some good information on removal of the EGR (Deletion, not how to take it off temporarily) and remapping...


After EGR deletion...


28-03-18, 15:56
Thanks Jim, this topic is important and the videos are very interesting. Feeding exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber may be good for the environment, probably less so for the engine. No wonder the valve itself, the pipe in and the pipe out all get blocked with carbon and gunge. However, I'm told the S Type has a self-cleaning system, whatever that means. As shown in the clips, I've also been advised that the car will run without EGR and the unit can be removed. This involves unbolting the EGR valve, fitting blanking plates to the inlet and outlet, bolting it back into place and then remapping the ECU. As expected, there are two EGR units on a V6.

29-03-18, 10:08
Actually it's good for the engine e.g. reduces the in-cylinder temp. Also increases mpg.

Seems harmless on the petrols but the 2.7D looks to need periodic attention (cleaning/repair).

Don't forget it's illegal to defeat EGR or indeed any other emissions devices.