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18-03-18, 10:47
Hi, hopefully this is in the right place... just wondered if anyone could help me with the function of 'park' and the electric parking brake on the F-Pace...

Last night I parked my AWD F-Pace on my driveway in the snow - drive is at a slight incline, not massively though. I put it in park and got out of the car. About 20 seconds later, the car slid down the drive on the snow. The door was still open and I managed to jump in and stop the car (I think by applying the foot brake, or maybe it came to a stop on it's own). I watched it back on CCTV and the front wheels were turning as it slid away. Is this normal for the front wheels to turn when the vehicle is in 'park' on an AWD? I am confident it was definitely in park or it wouldn't have been able to sit on the incline of the driveway for the time it did before it started moving.

Any advice appreciated. I'll definitely be leaving it at the bottom of the drive if it snows again!


18-03-18, 11:00
The park position on the transmission engages a small pawl within the gearbox it is not there to hold the weight of the car on any kind of incline.
It could be that the pawl has now snapped which is why the car rolled forward.

On any incline always engage the park brake first before selecting park on the gearbox.

18-03-18, 11:19
Thanks Jimbo. I always hold with the footbrake until the EPB has engaged. I only picked up the car a couple of weeks ago - bought the demonstrator from the dealer, so perhaps there was already an issue with it. I'll contact them on Monday.

18-03-18, 11:36
That would be a good idea Garry, something does not seem quite right there.:mrgreen:

18-03-18, 11:57
Exactly the same thing happened to a guy with a X3 BMW over on PistonHeads. He posted a film about it. I would strongly suggest you check it out OP. From memory he asked exactly the same questions.

What seems to happen is that, no the front wheels aren't locked, the rears are but as the car sits ice under the tyres melts under pressure and the car slides away. Might still happen if fronts were locked. The BMW video shows the rears sliding locked and the fronts turning.

Probably coincidence that the car stopped as you got back in, though the trip under the wheels may coincidentally have changed at that moment.

Unlikely to gave damaged the Park pawl, hard to see where the load to do that would come from.

18-03-18, 12:04
Thanks for that, really helpful. Will deffo check it out.

Ian D
18-03-18, 12:56
EPB sets when car is turned off and will automatically go into park when ignition is turned off. Try it, turn off the engine whilst still in Drive, the gear selector turns by itself to P and turns off. There’s no front wheel locking feature, the AWD system is not permanent so there will be nothing to stop the front wheels turning.

18-03-18, 14:24
Cheers Ian, ok makes sense then. Also checked pawl still doing what it should be on a slight incline in park with EPB off and it holds without an issue. So I guess rear wheels must've just slid on snow or ice.

23-03-18, 10:23
Good morning Garry_UK,

Thank you for your comments.

I am sorry to learn that you have experienced the concerns raised.

If you could please kindly PM me your vehicle identification number and the name of your local approved retailer I will be able to investigate this further for you.

I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

Thanks, Stacie

27-07-18, 06:44
For completeness, the F-Pace is an AWD setup and has a coupling which allows some power to be transferred to the front wheels when needed.

Consequently, with power off and parked, the front wheels are not actually connected to the transmission and hence the park pawl in the gearbox will not lock them.

Similarly, the parking brake only applies on the rear discs, consequently the front wheels are not locked when parked up.