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  • Hi Ben.
    I'm about to buy an Stype and want to do a Jagdroid upgrade. It looks fantastic. Do you sell "kits" with all the hardware needed, instructions etc....?


    HI Ben, just seen your post about the android conversion looks fantastic, would you be willing to perform this mod on my car? If so how long would it take and how much would you charge (parts and labour)?
    Hi Ben I have seen your post about the android screen on the factory sat nav. I can't seem to see the pictures that you have uploaded and when I go to original source on photobuckey it says they aren't there. Just wondered if you have another way to view the pictures many thanks
    Ben, very clever, I'm going to study your android OS mod, thanks.

    56 reg X-type 2.5 SE V6 .
    Hi Ben, thanks for your replies. Yeah I was passing Anthony's to buy his ACM as for obvious reasons he no longer needs it. I was very impressed with your set up, but as I was buying his ACM thought it was overkill for me.
    My thoughts for my plan was my grandson uses an old iPhone connected to the rear entertainment to watch movies/music when on longer runs, and works well.
    So I was looking at some way of connecting an Apple TV, as my phone has a great contract so he could stream Netflix in the back, and if stationary we could also watch in the front. I wasn't majorly concerned over being HD, hence my thought to use the tv input via an RF converter.

    I suppose I could recoup something back on the ACM, but not sure I can justify buying a new display on top of the cost of you doing the work


    Any chance you would be willing to do the Android upgrade to my 2006 Jaguar S-Type system?

    Hi Ben I fitted a new x type Bluetooth module to my xj sport today. It connects up fine I can make calls etc. The only problem is that I can't scroll through the contract list of my phone!!! Also I when I used my old phone bult into the car holding down the select button would activitie the phone now it doesn't. Nothing seems to work from the steering wheel.
    Thanks again Steve
    Hello Ben my xj is a 2003 and I'm going to fit Bluetooth as per your post.
    I also want to fit voice but I'm getting nowhere so can you please answer some questions.
    If my car hasn't been fitted with the voice wiring harness is it a matter of finding a loom and connecting it I think it's from under the back seat. Then into the voice module??
    How many connections does the d2b cable need??
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