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    xf-s 2015 needs new tires any recomendations?

    Try to check out the DWS06 Plus also. It is available in 255/35/20. I have these Continental's on my Jetta and I'm very happy with their dry/wet traction. Can't comment yet about their tread life since I just got them 4wheelonline last month.
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    SovereignX TLC & Project Thread

    They look really nice. The spoke design/pattern looks similar to the Helo wheels HE912 that I saw on the net.
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    Senta Alloy Refurbishment

    Pricey but the performance and tread life of Michelin's are really great.
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    Henry_B’s S-Type project!

    The interior looks very nice.
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    Welcome! When you can, post some pics of your car.
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    Jaguar X-type S-type XJ / XF Gets 10 inch Android screen

    Nice. Would love to have a bigger screen on my car.
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    Scraped alloy quite bad

    Try also.
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    Damaged Leather

    I know others had success using leather dye.
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    Battery Light

    Test the alternator. A local car repair shop can do it for you also.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site! We love car pics so don't forget to post when you can.
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    So What Did You Do to your Jaguar today ?

    Changed the air filter and fixed the clutch pedal. I also ordered Michelins from 4wheelonline.
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    Rim protectors for alloys

    Had those rim protectors on another car. Although they did protect my rotiform wheels from kerbs, removing them was a bit difficult. I used a lot of adhesive remover and elbow grease.
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    Sagging Rear Headlining

    For that kind of issue, I would use 3M Headliner & Fabric Adhesive.
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    Karcher Pressure washer

    I am very happy with my Nilfisk c110. Good build quality and easy to use.