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  • Hi Buck :)

    Looks like you're the only taker bendell, but then I'm not surprised, as the Mods have moved this to "Jaguar Events Meetings & Track Days".

    Could you switch the thread 'Members in Surrey or Sussex?'back to the S-Type forum please, as I have no desire to spend any time at all with X or XF types :-(, and none of the S-Type members are looking in "Events" :-(
    I'm sorry to bother you but I was chatting to Mike stype on another forum and he said he has been banned from this forum for constantly having to be moderated. This is his him View Profile: Mike Stype - JaguarForum.co.uk - The World's # 1 Jaguar Car Forum

    Is this a mistake? has he been confused with someone else? has he really been banned?

    If he's done something im not aware of just tell me to mind my own business.

    Mark aka police666
    Hello Buck, I've read some good threads on tuning boxes vs a remap etc, and I want to go down the remap route.
    Is there any particular garage you would recommend ? My local (derby) jag specialist quotes £405.00 for the remap which I thought was expensive...
    It's for 2.2d manual.
    Many thanks, Adam.
    reprograming key fob and transponder information if you ahev is please. ive got a extra key but am sure it not for me xtype the blades not the same
    ive been told i can get a new blade cut and reprogem the rtransponder by myself is this correct cheers

    You have been made super moderator (by Rory). That should do the job I suspect to sort things out

    Let me know what you can do.

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