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  • Hi Euan
    what a year it's been, i hope you and your family are staying safe and well in these difficult times and Season's Greetings to you all.
    Hope that we can meet up in the New Year if they can get the better off this Virus.

    Regards Tom.
    Euan Tausney
    Euan Tausney
    Thanks Tom, all the best to you too, very quiet time all round I think, but we have to make the most of things. As you say, fingers crossed for next year

    Best regards
    Hi.. Great write up on reversing camera!.. Which camera did you use and can you post a photo of the display you get please. I'm going to go your route with the interface module!

    Any tips?

    Did you install a front camera?.. If so how did you route the cable r?

    Cheers Stephen
    Hi dave, I have two discs, the genuine one out of my car(2009-2010) and an ISO file of the 2012 disc which I use now. I have made 3 copies of this disc for friends, and others have burned their own copy from the file, all you need is a dual layer blank DVD!
    I can look out the file if you want, as its always the first thing to try if you think the drive may be failing!
    Hi Andy, Yes the grey wire connects to the Green/black wire in the reverse module, and if the camera yellow plug is in the interface R/V port it should switch on in reverse!! (not av1 or av2) they are for other inputs!! The button switches between these!! The camera also HAS to be NTSC format NOT pal!!
    Hi Euan, sorry to pester you again, I did the wiring yesterday as per your spec, but the screen is just blank, I'm a bit unsure about the grey wire from the interface power connector, you say it connects to the camera trigger wire, I've connected it to the red wire from the camera that is joined to the green/black wire from the reverse module plug, is this right?, the screen switches from normal to blank when the car is put in reverse, so somethings ok, I'm wondering if the camera is duff
    Hi euan, I've just started my camera install , can you confirm the colours to cut into on the sat nav plug, I'm keeping it all in the boot for now so your thread, which I've printed out dosent show which plug and colours
    Many many thanks , I've been reading yours and oc's posts for months!!!
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