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  • Hi Ian, I'm new to the forum and have a question about my 63 plate v6 3.0D XF Sportbrake diff which I think is on the way out. Is there an existing thread or area for my car and where would I find it please? Thanks
    Hi, I'm a newbie and I put 4 posts under the XK forum that should really be under the XK8 forum. My bad. Can you move them to where they belong please?
    hi ian, sorry to bother you but I'm having problems posting on a wide variety of threads, since the new version ?????
    Ian D
    Ian D
    What exactly are the issues that you're having? Which web browser are you using?
    hi Ian, I use a Chromebook so the browser is Google.
    All sorts of stuff; just a few examples :
    Most of the time I can't access my profile;
    Often I'll write a reply to a thread and try to post it with no result;
    Often if I press "New posts" I'll be taken to a page which says "the page you selected is no available";
    Lots of erratic behaviours really.

    Why did we have to change, it seems like hard work now.
    Ian D
    Ian D
    There's been a few behind the scenes changes, have they sorted the issues you been having at all? Perhaps clear your web cache for this, delete the cookie and then re-visit the forum. See if that improves things for you.
    If anyone has any sensible ideas on what they would like to add to the forum or change, please post them in the comments and suggestions section.

    New sub forum? New trophies for points etc? Or description of a forum now out of date? Just let me know.
    It would be nice if there was a trophy for the most read thread. I think it would belong to Frankc but I am not sure.
    Its so tight on that side of the engine, it's going to be so difficult to get to the timing chain fully. Cam covers off will be the first thing to do, which means removing the inlet manifold, labour intensive just that. The oil will need dropping and the timing chain cover taking off, this will mean removing quite a number of items including the crankshaft pulley, auxiliary belt and tensioner.

    It may be quicker just to pull the engine, for much easier access though. Hoists can be rented from tool shops.

    Good luck!
    . Any advice on getting to the timing chain with the engine in situ please? Working on my driveway and it's small and I don't have a hoist or room to use one really so leaving the engine in the car would be a lot easier for me if abit fiddly.
    You're going to have change quite a few items over to make it work in an X-Type. The water pump for a start is on the opposite side on an X-Type so it can fit in the tight engine bay, different auxiliary belt. You're going to have to do some work closing off the hole on the rear of the head as that's where the water pump runs off.

    There's quite a few differences, best bet is to put them both together and work out what needs swapping over. It is the same block and basically same heads but with quite a few small differences.

    If it were me, I'd have dropped in a 3.0L.
    Hello again I have just looked at the block number and it is as follows RF-XW4E-6015-AS if that helps on the S-Type
    Hello Ian my name is Paul, I have been told your a genius when it comes to Jaguars, I was after abit of info please. I have bought a replacement engine for my 2002 51 plate X-Type 2.5V6 sport, only the engine that has turned up is a 2001 S-Type 2.5V6 engine. Is there a way to use this engine? I noticed it doesn't have VCT on the top valve covers, would I have to change the heads? Is the block even the same? Thankyou for your time reading this.
    You need the antenna pack from Jaguar, it's £155 and has all the stuff you need to connect the speed pack spoiler aerial to your car and bypassing the old pop up one.
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