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    Monthly Jaguar Breakfast Meet at British Motor Museum

    Would be a long way for you but the Jag events at Gaydon are always good - also has the motor museum and the JDHT museum - Jaguar's spiritual home! The Castle Bromwich and Solhull JLR plants aren't far away and do factory tours you would probably need a few days though :)
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    Monthly Jaguar Breakfast Meet at British Motor Museum

    Went to the XK8 Celebration at Gaydon yesterday - a really good day. The event was very well attended -don't think I've ever see so many Jaguars in one place! Quite a few XK8's parked on the grass in front of the museum. The first car park by the museum entrance consisted of more XK8's, series 2...
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    Emergency boot release Non-folding rear seats

    Think most Mk1 XF 250's had the rear folding seat - I heard it was something dealers could retro fit FOC so a fairly easy job it would seem. Last year I seriously considered changing my XF for either an XE or a 260 XF. None of the XE's I looked at seemed to have the rear folding seat as...
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    Oil & filter change on a 2010 3.0 V6 TD S

    That's a great guide. I have a V6 petrol and the oil filter is at the bottom of the engine so no choice but to do it the old fashioned way and remove the undertray:( Its a bit of faff although easier with a drill/driver - its only once a year I tell myself!. My personal preference is to use a...
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    Creaking Brakes

    I get the 'creak' from the brakes when coming to a stop - tried the grease method which worked for a while but then the noise returned - I assumed the grease burned off with time - I have just learnt to live with it although it is iritating! I used to use copper slip for brake compenents but...
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    Weird "rattle" noise when the engine is cold?

    That's appalling and totally agree JLR needs to take some responsibility here. I seriously considered updating to a 260 XF diesel last year as it seemed to tick a lot of boxes but I was put off by the interior which didn't do it for me! I'm beginning to think I dodged a bullet!
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    What do you reckon?

    Met up with a couple of friends today and as we were leaving the husband asked me how old my XF was - it has a personal plate and he was amazed when I said over ten years as it doesn't look that old as the paintwork is still pretty shiny and its free of dings and serious scratches. A personal...
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    Following my mirror (amost!) image.

    I know XF's aren't exactly a rare sight on the road but the chances of seeing one that is almost exactly the same in terms of colour, age, spec etc must be fairly unusual. This happened to us yesterday coming back from Evesham along the A44 (main Evesham to Worcester road) I pulled into a...
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    XF Prices

    There is also a suggestion that some people have surplus cash from furlough payments and grants paid out duiring the pandemic and are now looking to spend this money on large purchases such as cars. I wouldn't have thought this situation will last too long - inflation is already on the rise, the...
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    Tips for driving in Europe, NL, Fr and Northern Italy in a UK car.

    In Italy watch out for ZTL zones which roughly translates to Local Traffic Zone. These seem to exist across Italy in cities and smaller towns - basically they restrict traffic to just locals and businesses in certain areas usually the older historical parts in attempt to reduce congestion and...
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    How much?

    Entirely agree. Last year I was considering updating my XF to Mk2 but was not entirely sold on the 260 - mainly because I just didn't like the interior much! Now when I look at XF's on Autotrader that were circa 15K+ last year these are now priced at 16.5K+ an increase of 10%. Can't help...
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    20th anniversary of the X-Type.

    This was my X Type my first Jag! Brilliant car had covered 194K miles when I sold it very reliable never let me down in 12 years of ownership!
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    Great Car - Worst Ever Sat Nav

    That good eh! :rolleyes:
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    Great Car - Worst Ever Sat Nav

    Most owners seem to love their XF's but don't rate the sat-nav and I count myself amongst this number. The pre-face lift XF's like mine used an antiquated DVD system and I half expect to find some Victorian coach roads still listed :) Think the facelift model used n SD card which is better and...
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    Are CD's still relevant today?

    I think it partly depends on your demographic to use the current terminology! I am old enough to remember CD's coming out and buying my first CD player which I thought was great and even better when they started fitting them to cars, it felt such an advance from the hissy cassettes. My mk1 XF...