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  • Hi Ryan, do you still use this site? I have seen your satnav retrofit instructions from 2013, but I'm just not getting the network cables (blue and yellow) to work. I've got them running from the nav loom, to the radio loom, with the touchscreen wires spliced in with the radio wires.
    The units all have power, just can't figure it out- it's probably really simple!
    Hi mate , just reading through posts and noticed an old one where you say you used a loom out of a doner car for the retro fit sat nav , was just wondering if it's a direct swap and if you came across any problems , thanks for any help

    I happen to see one of your advise about problem with sills before I joined this forum and I tried to contact metal fabricators in my area ( Crewe) and neighbouring towns but I get the same response all the time saying "No we don't do that". I really love my jaguar x type (2006) but it failed it's MOT today due to the sills being rotten. What can you advice me? And how did you managed to convince the metal fabricators to have yours done? Please help!

    Thank you
    Hi Ryan, I am about to attempt fitting a sat nav to my x type, after reading many posts you seem to have a lot of knowledge on this, is there any advice you could share before starting? Many thanks. Lee
    Hi there I've been reading the satnav retro fit on the x-type and you've posted quite a lot on fitting the original jag sat nav loom that goes from the fuse box to the touch screen. I don't suppose you have any info on what I need to connect to and splice into so I can do this to my car ?? Many Thanks Darren.
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